Powder coatings solutions

    for Touch-Up - Repairs - Reinforcements - Corrosions - Aspect Modifications - Suitable for other materials - Painting of existing surfaces - colour changes

    Interpon, specific ranges of powder paint manufacturers and all the RAL range in gloss (85% brill.), satin (70%) and matt (30%) finish, available without minimum of order.

    Bottle with brush applicator:

    LODAN aptitude lacquer réf. Laqualu / NR 215FLPAE 12 ml
    Life expectancy of the paint is increased by diluting with LODAN PE Thinner 10 ml / NR 216THPE 10


    LODAN aptitude lacquer ref. LaquAlu / NT 217SPR PAE
    Liquid lacquer with 3 kinds of spray nozzle (with 2 valves)
    Result corresponding to polyester powder lacquering

    1L - 3L - 5L Pots

    LODAN aptitude lacquer / NR 222PAE
    Fluidity adaptation by diluting with LODAN PE Thinner 1L - 5L / NR 106THPE 1L, 106THPE 5L
    Application by spraygun and ideally with "HVLP LODAN SPRAYPAINT SYSTEM"


    Complete autonomous equipment for a high precision "spraying" with a perfect finish in a workshop or on site, including difficult areas such as little cavities.
    The paintmist is reduced to + - 80% allowing minimal masking.
    The HVLP spraygun can be adapted to a workshop compressor.

Demonstration on demand in our lab.

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