Powder coatings solutions

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    (metallic and/or sandblasted colours)

    Handling painted products, in particular during production or during on-site assembly operations, can cause superficial damage to the paint film, requiring retouching.

    Repairs to damage from rubbing caused during transport, storage or handling prevent losse in terms of material and time.

    A loss of material following kiln painting on certain surfaces may require additional painting.
    When painting pre-assembled items, there may be areas that are difficult to reach with powder and may require extra paint.
    Additional paint on machined patrs where the raw material is exposed, on rivets or fixing screws, is both useful and more attractive aesthetically.

    Fixing products or accessories used on aluminium may be incompatible and cause corrosion by contact with the paint. Products in close proximity in steel, zinc or copper for example may cause the same phenomena.
    The use of products not suited to painted aluminium, acid rain, sea air, a corrosive athmosphere, atc. may change the initial appaerence of products. Repair and a new coat of paint on site may be necessary.

    Blending painted components with other materials such as lintels, beams, posts or decorative materials such as wood, PVC or metal is often beneficial.

    In situ painting of existing structures allows them to be blended in with new additions. Painting small items that are already painted, such as woodwork accessories (door checks, door-hinges or lock plates) or small filling or folded plates saves time, over certain supply lead-times and re-uses lost or exess material.

    A complete solution for all events

    The use of the LODAN aptitude liquid paint with bonding anti-rust primer (for steel, galvanised steel, untreated aluminium and non-ferrous metals) or without primer (for powder painted steel or aluminium and wood) and LODAN JUST-IN-TIME (for PVC, ABS and polyester) allows you to solve all the problems outlined above.

    Application is performed:

    - with a small paint brush for small retouches that are not very visible or for masking machining marks such as cuts or saw marks.

    - with an aerosol for larger surfaces. This aerosol has 2 spray buttons one of witch can be adjusted for perfect fine applications in small horizontal or vertical stripes.

    - with a conventional spray painting gun.

    - with an HVLP LODAN (low pressure) spray painting gun that can be adapted to connect to a workshop compressor.

    - with an ACCUSPRAY HVLP LODAN (very low pressure)spray painting gun.
    This enable you to apply painting with extreme precision and faultless finish.
    The spary-painting gun can be adapted to connect to a workshop compressor and can also be used with a stand-alonee turbo-compressor allowing you to work in situ.
    Painting is perfect, including in places that are difficult to reach like small cavities or connectors.
    There is practically no mist from paint and masking is considerably reduced, or not needed at all for fine application.


    Remark: the method of application in fine layers of the LODAN lacquers recommended by LODAN International names itself LODAN process"

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