Solutions for powder coatings
    Specific points for full colours
    (RAL - Collection 225 NCS- counterpart colours in blended shades)

    LODAN aptitude liquid paint

    Unlike FUTURA or special colours, finishing using LODAN aptitude paint in a full colour (such as RAL gloss, satin or matt shades) requires a thick final coat.

    Application with a spray-painting gun or an aerosol:

    Apply an initial ultra fine coat. Then paint in successive thin coats at an interval of several minutes to obtain the shade required. The final coat is a thick coat applied in one go to obtain the level of shine required.

    Specific points:

    Application is easy on small surfaces.

    For larger surfaces:

    a) Application should be carried out in a painting booth or in a protected, dust-free area.

    b) Application on site is practically impossible with a thick final coat.
    - drying on the surface is slower than for a fine application and allows dust particles to easily stick to the surface.
    - the paint mist, even though it is greatly reduced with the LODAN HVLP spray painting gun system (very low pressure), requires greater protection of the surfaces that do need painting and allows dust particles to be carried by air currents


    The application of full colours gloss paints such as RAL colours, in fine coats at intervals of several minutes produces a satin finish.

    In the case of repairs to corrosion or a changed appareance for example, LODAN recommends a complete coat of new paint after repairs, applying paints in fine coats in RAL, RAL grained, RAL metallic or FUTURA colours.

    As these colours are applied in successive fine coats, the ACCUSPRAY HVLP LODAN spray-painting system allows you to paint almost without paint mist and with greatly reduced masking, aven on site.

    Accuspray HVLP LODAN

    The precision of the application (including in place that are difficult to reach such as small cavities or casing connectors fo example) and the finish are impeccable.

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