LODAN "aptitude"liquid lacquer

    (Application Method of special finishes) (solutions for polyester coated surfaces) (Specific points for full colours)


    > modified synthetic paint, for interior and exterior use, developed with additives for the highest level of professional application
    > quick drying paint, in a dust-free environment dry in a few seconds at 18°.
    > one component – excellent UV resistance - self-levelling - excellent flexibility – superb resistance to abrasion, to chemical agents and bad weather.
    > solvent base

    Surface preparation for 100 % adhesion:

    > on aluminium or painted steel (polyester / epoxy powder) rub down gently with a fine grain – 500 - sandpaper (remove the shine).
    > on untreated or stripped aluminium, anodised aluminium, steel, galvanised steel and stainless steel. Remove grease, dirt, rust or oxidation (rub down, sand or use a rust remover - inhibitor).
    > on wood, medium - MDF: remove old paint. Rub down gently using a fine grain – 500 - sandpaper (remove the shine).
    on PVC, ABS, polyester and hard plastic materials, use LODAN JUST-IN-TIME paint,
    information on the attached page.
    > on other materials, ask us.

    Preparation of the paint
    (do not filter sandblasted or metallic finish paints)

    Mix the paint well with a smooth object. Dilute the paint using LODAN PE thinner. Add 20% or more if necessary in particular for application on broad surfaces

    Solutions: Summarized and visualization

    (Information on the lacquering and technique of application)


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