Application method of LODAN "APTITUDE"lacquer

    Sand-effect, grained, pebble, textured, ST.
    Sandblasted and metallic finishes


    1. Application using a spray-painting gun (1L, 3L and 5L Item nr. 222PAE)

    Before painting,degrease to a dust-free surface using LODAN PE THINNER by rubbing with a soft cellulose, fluffless, padded cloth.
    >on aluminium or painted steel & on treated wood: apply LODAN aptitude paint immediately after degreasing.
    >on anodised aluminium and on metals: after degreasing, apply a fine coat of "LODAN PRIMER BP" bonding primer (anti-rust). Then apply LODAN aptitude paint

    Application of LODAN aptitude paint to the gun, instructions for use:

    Apply an intitial ultra fine coat. Then paint using successive fine coats at intervals of several minutes to obtain the shade required. The final coat is also thin coat.
    On larger and broader surfaces, spray by holding the spray painting gun at a distance from the surface to be painted in order to spread the jet and paint by partially superimposing the coats in order to prevent the appearance of distinct coats (damp paint on top of damp paint).

    Note: sandblasted colours contain fine grains, wich create the perfect sandblasted or grained effect (use a broader paint nozzle for the spray painting gun if necessary)
    LODAN aptitude paint Item nr. 222PAE should not be applied with a brush, exept on materials where the requirements in terms of the surface appearance are not crucial.

    To apply a first fine ultra layer
    to Position the gun low pressure (HVLP)
    to 10 to 15 cm of the surface to paint 











    To paint then in very fine
    successive layers (3 or 4)
    to interval of some minutes
    (10 30minutes)
    in order to get the tone wanted
    to Hold the gun low pressure (HVLP)
    to 10 to 15 cm of the surface to paint









    The final layer also takes place in fine layer
    to Hold the gun low pressure
    (HVLP) 10 to 15 cm

    of the surface to paint. On big surfaces, to hold it to 15 to 50cm,

























    2. Application with an aerosol: (400ml ref. LaquAlu)

    Follow the instructions for application using a spray painting gun. You should preferably use the adjustable spray button, permitting fine application in horizontal or vertical stripes.
    Application with an aerosol on broader or wider surfaces is less easy than with a spray painting gun.
    The conformity of the colour nevertheless permits painting if the visual requirements are lower or if application is performed directly onto a powdered, sandblasted paint.

    Specific information:

    Once you have started painting, finish the sections immediatly. If painting has been interrupted for more than 30 minutes or if the application parameters (see attached page) are not observed, there is a risk that there may be defects in the surface appearance from the strat of application. Wait a few hours before continuing with painting or start the painting procedure again. If the surface does not change or crack, continue to paint.

    3. Application with paintbrush cap:

    - remove grease if necessary
    - mix the contents of the bottle well for 2 to 3 minutes Box of 25 applicator sticks for precision retouching
    - use the paintbrush to apply 1 or 2 coats to a clean surface
    - use an applicator stick for precise retouching

    4. Application with a brush:

    (1L, 3L and 5L rf. PAE/B) dilute the paint with "THINNER LODAN PE" to alter the liquidity if necessary. Degrease before application.
    Note: sandblasted or metallic finishes are not reproduced correctly when applied with a brush. The conformity of the colour nevertheless permits painting in the event that the visual requirements are not crucial

    Our advice: Always carry out a test prior to use, following our recommendations.


    - Application in fine layers to the gun or to the spray permits the repairs even on big surfaces
    - Some hues and aspects cannot be reproduced with as much fidelity as the full hues.
    The hue is then approaching
    - The use of other primaries antirouilles on naked metals is sujette to previous tests of adhesion and compatibility by the user.

    Parameters of applications:

    To optimize the parameters of application while lacquering to temperature close to 18 (ambient temperature and also of the supports to paint, of the painting and the LODAN PE THINNER. At the time of lacquering in shop, to foresee 2 to 3 days of drying or more (to 18, constant temperature) before packing and expedition.
    An application and a storage after lacquering to low temperature, to elevated relative humidity and with a weak ventilation delay the drying to heart of the lacquer. Because of the climatic conditions, the lacquering on site is counseled between the spring and the fall.

    Lacquering by means of the whole ACCUSPRAY HVLP
    LODAN or the ACCUSPRAY gun

    The whole understands the ACCUSPRAY gun and the portable turbo-compressor (900W - 0,35 bars) permitting a work in shop or on yard. The ACCUSPRAY gun to which sets a regulator is adaptable to a compressor of shop.
    As the hues apply in fine successive layers, the whole or the only gun permits to lacquer almost without fog of painting and with an extremely reduced masking.
    The precision of application (including in the places difficult of access like small cavities or the splices of volutes for example) and the finish is blameless.
    A formation of one day (even to a non qualified person but conscientious and determined) to the method of application and to the maintenance of the material is foreseen in our offers. Particularities: in the case of a repair of corrosion or aspect modified, the application of the lacquer liquidates
    LODAN aptitude Item nr. 222PAE in the special hues is ideal and permits to avoid a new complete lacquering most of the time. The lacquering on site by means of the system ACCUSPRAY HVLP LODAN permits a blameless finish.

    Theoretical vields

    In application in the gun ACCUSPRAY HVLP LODAN for a final thickness of env. 40: lacquer LODAN aptitude item nr. 222PAE (gun), approx. 8 to 10 m/L - lacquer LODAN aptitude item nr. 222PAEbr (brush), approx. 8 to 10 m/L - LODAN "PRIMER BP approx. 10 to 12 m/L - (to foresee the losses of paintings in case of use of other systems of pistolage) - sprays: 0,8 to 1m / 400ml

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